June 3, 2008

Ring Ring (Crony) Riiiiiiiing

On the heels of unanswered questions re: the city's 311 system, we learn that the City is investigating the credentials of the interim director of the Office of Technology, which oversees 311. Apparently they suspect that Anthony Jones isn't just a few credits short of a bachelor's degree at Tulane, but may not be enrolled there at all. His claim of a business degree from the great online commuter college, the University of Phoenix, may also be phony.

Huh. The 311, hotline for malfunctions and vital information. Screwed up and overseen by a fraud. Huh. Remember back in November, when the Inspector General made a joke after hearing from our friend, Kenya Smith, that $2 million was the budget and don't ask any questions? Remember how odd it seemed that no details were available and Kenya got all defensive and beefed with the Midura scapegoat? And now this.

"(Brenda) Hatfield (the city’s chief administrative officer) acknowledged that Jones did not have a bachelor’s degree but said she has challenged him to finish his education as a condition of removing the “interim” from his title." City Business

"I just called 311, and there ain't nobody answering." Resident Juan Gaspard, at the Council meeting on 311.

"Do you think I'm hiding people?" Kenya Smith, budget hearing for the 311 system, 11/27/07.