May 15, 2008

If I Don't Do Nuthin', I'ma Ball

Playaz Circle ft. Kenya Smith ...

'"If you're lobbying a council member or a state representative on something and you bring them to an environment where they're more comfortable and they feel more at ease talking -- as opposed to the drive-through window at McDonald's -- there's a greater likelihood of being able to prevail on the issue," Smith said.
"This is within the standards of how it's done around the country. You don't take people to eat at a greasy spoon, or say, 'We're going to give you a turkey sandwich.' We're trying to build consensus to generate resources to meet the needs of this recovery."
The billing statements provide no details about who accompanied the city administrators at the various meals, nor do they specify what they ate and drank or the business purpose. The city has yet to respond to a May 6 request for documents that include such details.
Smith said the people he has entertained include a "huge cross section of stakeholders -- business leaders, community leaders, political leaders -- those are three broad categories of who I work with. I do that because I have to build consensus."
Quiett said she has used the card only to cover the costs of city business. Even the smoothies and coffee she charged to the city were purchased at business meetings, she said. In some cases, she said, she purchased a smoothie to reward a staff member who had worked extra hard.'