May 29, 2008

Life is the farce which everyone has to perform


I’m going to take you on a river journey
Merci beaucoup. Thank you.
Connecting the dots: how far we’ve come
That helicopter turned up river.

Newfound vigilance in our citizens
Ok Daddy you take fishy
It was August in New Orleans with no electricity. It was so hot.

And fishy survived.

City that normally spends
Caribbean flavored bright orange with two palm trees in the front
reinventing, and making a way out of no way

Like Shell Oil.
Not only did they come back right after the storm,
they also stepped up
and became a major, multi-year Jazz Fest sponsor.

Gene’s Po-Boys, in the hot pink building on the corner of St. Claude and Elysian Fields
reducing the jack-o-lantern effect
very serious

My next topic is streets. A comic once asked:
Why did the chicken cross the road in new Orleans after hurricane Katrina. Pause.
Cracked the code
To go swimming in his favorite pothole.


We pay above the Southern regional average
This year we have had zero. That’s right, not one
It is about you.

We have been working hard to get these cameras rolled out,
but we’ve had some challenges
Allow me to paint a picture

Celine Dion, Al Jarreau, and Aaron Neville are giving a special concert
The moon and stars are up above
you have a dinner reservation
pass through the biomedical district
into their second hot salsa set.

That’s right, not one.

Can you see it New Orleans? Then let’s make it happen!
large, small, mom and pop
It is about you.

a trade mission in July to Panama.

Plaquemines and St. Bernard parishes to create a confederacy
It is about you.

This is something I started talking about six years ago, remember sell that sucker
We have finally cracked the code on this pot
have finally after a full year cracked the code

Ok Daddy you take fishy.

from the unlikeliest stretch of swampland rose the likeliest of cities
And they didn’t have skin in the game, they didn’t have our genes
It’s like Teddy Roosevelt said

Five billion tourist dollars spent?
you have a dinner reservation.

Your blood sweat and tears are all over this recovery.
The dust of rebuilding is on your hands.

Can you see it New Orleans?
This recovery is bigger than Ray Nagin or Bobby Jindal or George W. Bush
It is about you.
And we will never be the same,

only better.

Like Shell Oil.