August 21, 2008

I'm With The Champs Right Here

New Orleans, August 2008
"Not to be an 'I-told-you-so, ' but I was in Jackson Square, and I predicted that New Orleans would come back as a stronger and better city, " Bush said. "That's the prediction I made."

Yep, you are a fcking soothsayer, alright. The "vision thing," that's what got you here, what got us through, what's kept this country on such a glorious path for these last 8 years. "An 'I-told-you-so'?" Don't you worry about it, boss. We shouldn't have doubted you for a minutes.

Frreal: is the strategy now to spin his ass off a helicopter like a top, instruct him to say the most bewildering thing possible, then suck him back out to the ranch for quiet time? And are the photos of him and athletes some attempt at softening his image in these, his final days? Will this make McCain look more competent and ready?

Honestly, is it not time to ask people like Deuce and Leah Chase: why do you soil yourself in this man's embrace? What has that gotten us? What could it possibly get us in the next 4 months? Does it feel good to make him feel good? Because it sure looks like Bush feels good these days.

This is New Orleans, 3 years after the federal flood.