August 20, 2008

Charity Can Be Saved

I meant to go the press conference for this report, but work intervened. It'll be interesting to hear LSU's response and the silence from City Hall.

Last Sunday, I rode up to Charity to do some Booker musing. On the loading dock/ambulance entrance in the back, I parked and sat down in an old office chair someone'd left there. I figured I'd write a little and wait out the rain.

After a half-hour, an SUV with Texas plates ascended the ramp to the loading dock. The passenger side windows came down to reveal two young ladies, with a dude driving and looking concerned.

"Do you know where the emergency room is?" they asked.

"This hospital is closed," I said. Then I pointed over my shoulder and told them to try Tulane.

"I got a hole in my head," said the girl in the front, motioning at a gash the size of half-dollar on her forehead.

"OK, Tulane's over there."

Someone thanked me and they drove back down the ramp. I sure hope they get to read this report.