May 31, 2007

Uh-Ohhhhhh, Did I Do That?

On tonight's show (midnight on WTUL 91.5FM), we'll recite the Mayor's State of the City speech, delivered last night from--in another misguided, yet oddly-fitting attempt at symbolism--the D-Day Museum. We'll attempt to shadow the words of our slippery leader with the proper sounds.

Impressive not just for the continued capability to shirk responsibility and divide the citizenry, the speech reached new depths with the mayor's decision to ad-lib his closing remarks, using the refrain of the old New Orleans R&B song, It Ain't My Fault, originally written by Smokey Johnson.

If you look towards the bottom of the comments section in this Times-Pic forum, you'll see that someone mistakenly but fortunately misconstrued the refrain to be a reference to Silkk the Shocker, who remade the song as a local hit in the late 90's. In the rush to discredit Nagin, this person resurrected the strange sounds of another era of rampant violence, when No Limit and Cash Money covered billboards across the city with their weird marketing/bling cover art, and Nagin ran the cable company.

Read the comments and get a feel for how badly Nagin's speeches affect public discourse, and listen to the show to hear how we'll match tracks to this sad, misguided rant.

UPDATE: We now have full audio of the speech and will sample it throughout. Tune in...