May 20, 2007

Photo Essay: the Lafitte Corridor

We began the trip at Louis Armstrong Park, but the entrance was blocked. We made our way to Lafitte Street, and passed by the empty projects.

The Sojourner Truth Community Center

Fred from a junkyard, told us story of Moses and the burning bush, doubted whether New Orleans knew the one god.

The trail opens up.

The group.


Where the city keeps the traffic lights.

Pump station on Broad Street

Lindy Boggs Medical Center, recently purchased on the sly by out-of-state Victory Developers, who plan a great retail channel.

Old car just past N. Carrollton Ave.

Hot box behind the Home Depot.

Liked this one.

Dead dinosaur

This was on the homestretch, not far from Canal Blvd.

Dug this rogue painting.

Nowadays, we have plastic rails.