April 23, 2008

Bees Gut Mavs, 127-103

Our GreyTone production is up at SLAM. This was a full-scale beating, and if we expected to witness a passing of the torch from Kidd to CP3, Chris turned into one angry pro-Tibetan protestor, shutting the ceremony down in front of the entire world.

One other thing I noted in the report: the Hornets now have a real hometown crowd, which erupts, boos, stands, dances, and does everything it can to push the team and make it hard to win in the Arena. A big key to that: cheap tickets. This was why Golden State was so great to watch last season, and one of the reasons they let down this year. You have real, working-class New Orleanians supporting the team, bringing families to the game, eating $1 hot dogs and drinking $2 beers beforehand, and crowding the merchandise shop afterwards. Let's hope this continues next year.

Also, a new nickname has fallen on our Chris: Obama of the Bayou. Huh.