February 14, 2008

Everybody's Talkin' At Me

"What're you gonna do?"

"Same ol! How about you?"

"Maybe raise some cash, ha!"

So this photo goes up on the TP, people have a big laugh, then retch a little under their desks, and then Nagin whines through Ms. Quiett. We should always expect apathy or cheap thrills from the TP, followed up by....silence and after-the-fact notification. And Nagin's sensitivity is in line with the grandiose/paranoid figure he cuts when, on occasion, he goes public. He seems to miss the point: you are a grown man, a public figure, and you are playing around with automatic weapons like a 6-year old with an super-soaker at a pool party.

And us? Can we laugh? Cry? Scold?

I guess just wait, hold our breath, try not to fall in with racialists in the comment sections of the worst newspaper in America.

UPDATE: Here's a good look at the forces behind Ray's mysterious fundraising. (via Your Right Hand Thief)