January 9, 2008

Tracks of my tears, other ideers

Some thoughts...

-So, in this election to determine the leader who'll bring us back from the brink, who'll fix this war, save the Gulf South, and perhaps even address issues like immigration and social security, the mere suggestion of tears changes the entire momentum of a race?

Of course not, but these almost-tears might've fallen on the print, tv, and online media coverage that has bought in from the beginning to the idea that we need an 18 month election cycle; that dumping a collective $25 million dollars into Iowa is a good return for the entertainment generated; that refuses to bring up actual issues, instead tracking with bated breath the he-said/she-said battles that seem to revolve around the idea of hypocrisy.

This thing has turned into the perfect fusion of sports and daytime TV talk shows, and while that isn't surprising, it's made more ridiculous by the size of the problems we face. We need direction; instead we get soaps and the rabid writers of soap digest. What's worse, the whole thing will be wrapped up on Feb. 5 (Mardi Gras) and then we'll have a full 6 months until the conventions, during which the dialogue and punditry oughta really make us proud of our democracy.

-A few people wrote me to ask about the scene around the Superdome on Monday for the BCS Title Game. It was probably the largest crowd for a sporting event that I've ever seen, not just in terms of people, but the amount of RV's, temporary bars, stages with bands and dj's, and huge tv screens. We had to close the office at 2pm and hire a security guard to protect the building, and when I came back thru in the 1st quarter, the lots were still full with people watching the game. Bourbon Street looked like Mardi Gras. Even yesterday, there were still tents set up to sell leftover sweatshirts and hats. All the hotels were sold out this weekend, which is a good thing. And hopefully all those people from Ohio State will forget about the loss, remember they live in Ohio, and decide to come back and dump some money on us soon.

What's funny about the LSU (and Saints) fan is that he/she is rarely mean-spirited, and instead of turning their shoulders or shooting mean looks, they just tease and then give people shots. This is probably why so many Saints fans were upset in Chicago last year--no one here acts like that, it's just a game, a reason to get together and rage (in a good way). I can't imagine a road team getting a better experience.

-I have a video of this on my phone that I can't post yet, but has anyone else noticed the frequency of cops driving with their sirens on, even when they're not in pursuit, just to avoid heavy traffic? Happens all the time. I see you, Patrol Car 21 on Rampart Street, talking on your cell!

-Priorities, yes, I know, but Arnie Fielkow is sure doing his part to get Hornets games to the North Shore tv viewer.

-Before I forget, we're hosting a reading with the new Louisiana Poet Laureate, Darrell Bourque, next Wednesday at the Humanities Center, 938 Lafayette Street, 7pm. It's free to the public, and will be the first time he's read since the announcement. Get at me if you'd like to reserve seats.

-Kim and I caught the first set of the 3-now-4 show at the Hi-Ho the Friday before last. Man. As worried as I get about music sometimes, that made everything right. Somebody should get Dave Easley, Jim Singleton, Stanton Moore, and Tim Green together more often.

-Also, Jan. 13th is the birthday of the late Danny Barker. Sounds like a good celebration this week. In a recent conversation, I said that what we could really use right now, in terms of the music tradition and keeping it innovative AND a true heir to the past was a figure like Danny Barker, someone who pointed the next generation in the right direction, forward and back. There wouldn't be a ReBirth, a Hot 8, or anyone in between without him.