April 3, 2007

April Fools Day 2007 in Videos: Some Sound, Some Fury & the Best Bank Hijinks

Sunday, April 1
The plan today is to attend a panel discussion at the Tennessee Williams Festival, for which I have free passes from work and cross the river to Algiers Point for the 4th annual Riverfest. A solid overcast sky greets us when we wake up, with the chance of rain seemingly the only threat to our day.

Muriel's Restaurant, Jackson Square: Uptown ladies listen to general homage to Faulkner's difficulty.

Algiers: As we walk along the levee's spine back from the Old Point Bar, I think I hear Irvin Mayfield's quartet doin...yep, that is... yes: the well-known bassline of A Love Supreme. Dah da Dah da, Dah da Dah da.

Descent of the Indians, stealing the show.

I excuse myself to visit the port-a-john, and stop at the side of the stage to watch the slow exit stage right.

We stand against the barriers after our friends leave, listen to the great Dr. Michael White.

In the darkest shades of dusk, we board the ferry and lean against the rail on the first level near the cars. A barge crosses in front of us just after we leave port, and when we cut against its wake, a wave runs over the deck and soaks my feet and shins. I have Mississippi in my shoes for the walk across the Quarter.